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Through the window

"Through the window" is a play that first occurred in the zine
"No talking to the police" by repelsteeltje. This zine is a collection of 8 different plays,
that are all transcriptions of conversations between activists or squatters and the police.
The artist premiered this play in the squatted monumental building "Het Monument" in Amsterdam,
in oktober 2022 during the exhibition PiepKnarsKrijsKraakt by squatting collective Mokumkraakt.
The play was performed three times, over the course of three days.
The documentation you see here is that of the last performance on the last day of the exhibition.

This particular play focusses on the squatters' right to stay anonymous while residing in the squat.
There is no obligation to show your ID to the police
when you are not in a public space but for example in your own house.
The squatters know this and don’t want to show their documents,
but the police insists they should...

Link to video documentation of the play
Link to the special edition zine, only printed 60 times, cover illustration by Julian Crestian.

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