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RATS banner/flag

The RATS banner is a banner created for the exhibition World Reciever in Opstand, Arnhem.
This exhibition resulted from the Master-Apprentice program of KunstpodiumT.
I happened to be a part of this program in a year where the institute decided to give
800 euros to each participant. I made use of this money producing this artwork.
The art was also created for the Rotterdam-based anarchist collective RATS,
short for Rotterdamse Anarchisten Tegen Supermarkten (Rotterdam Anarchists Against Supermarkets).
I printed this at Plaatsmaken, Arnhem,
because both the institute and the gallery heavily encouraged us to make use of this space,
offering us a reduction if we worked there.
Since I felt so grateful to be invited and dedicated to making a beautiful work,
I decided to make my work in this space.
It was a professional working environment and I learned a lot.