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The filming involved around 25 actors, five different locations and fourteen days of shooting.

During the production I still needed to arrange the final location,
which i arranged thanks to my friend who lives in Poortgebouw.
I gave us three days of breaks during the 14 days.
I also gave a workshop in BAK during the time we had planned for shooting,
which took up one of my free days.
During the break days me and Francis would look at the footage together
and see what could improve.

A lot of actors couldn't come last-minute, but luckely
I arranged too many actors for every day,
because I assumed this risk.
One time I had to play a role myself though.

Because of the informality of the project (we're all friends/ friends of friends
and none of us are professional actors or have any professional experience in film),
there was a high risk of conflict causing struggles with the production.
Unfortunately one conflict caused an actor to not be playing out her role
in one of the final scenes.
>> forward to post-production 0,5: springboard art fair >>

this day we were doing a scene where i was replacing a noshow and I was actually getting puked on by one of the actors.
On top of that, we also made fake puke from rotting vegetables, to put on ourselves for special effects

the police taking selfies of themselves. One of the police decided later that they wanted to be even less recognizable
than the masks already make them, that's why the face is blurred.

One of the actors playing police sitting ready in their outfit,
waiting to get called in for acting.