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Around januari we, art collective United Fried Front, decided to make a movie together.
The movie is about the eviction of a squat. It is based on a true story, with the people who experienced this true story
involved in the writing of the script, the acting and more.
The goal of this movie was to process what happened together and make something beautiful that would raise awareness on the topic.
Repelsteeltje curated the script and made sure everyone knew about and liked the storyline by organizing two zoom meetings
for the United Fried Front collective plus the origional inhabitants of the squat we were making the movie about.
Repelsteeltje organized one zoom meeting in januari and one in march, to make sure everyone knew what was in the script.
Everyone was invited to add something to join the writing on the script. Several People wrote on it, also an interview with one
of the origional squatters the story was about decided a big part of the storyline.
There was no storyboarding involved in the making of the film, we only used the script as a guideline.

Repelsteeltje designed special costumes for the police (partly in collaboration with Lumen) and one of the united fried front members (Annio) designed
designed an image for the back of the jacket of the housing corporation, which was printed on there by Null and Repelsteeltje.
The balaclavas and the 3d prints for the main characters were designed by Dafni, Shereen, Null, Amer and Ailie.
Repelsteeltje made the greenscreen and arranged all locations, Null arranged all cameras and lights (bought like 500 euros worth of those).
Special thanks to Shereen, Pier and most of all the RATS for hosting us in your locations.
Repelsteeltje did all casting on their own, with some exceptions.
Around a hundred people were contacted, thirty replied and were willing to join.
There was one post where we announced we were going to make a movie on the united fried front instagram,
to which Flo replied and they contributed to the script.

We decided the date we were going to start production over a six weeks before it took place.
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