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Where we're fighting to make it past the editing phase!
Since we try to make the movie as collectively as possible,
we invited everyone who participated to look at the footage together,
after me and Francis assembled the footage into 11 watchable scenes.
Around five people showed up to this meeting.
We concluded some reshootings needed to happen that we already figured,
plus we decided to make the intro soundtrack together, make a song especially for it.
Resulting a breakup within the collective,
one of our actors decided to "leave" the project,
without reason or discussion,
forcing us to delete scenes where he appears.
This made me realise the hard way that we need written permission from every actor
before we release the movie, so I started writing contracts for everyone involved.

Here's some fried pictures of our RAW Footage Editing Meeting,
that took place the 29th of september 2023