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Hello dear visitor of my website!

My name is Repelsteeltje.
I am a non-binary interdisciplinary artist living and working in Rotterdam.

The art i make is about sharing knowledge and it's for, with and by the communities i consider myself a part of.
This also means i center my practice around figuring out ways to work collectively in a non-hierarchical way.

I use infrastructures like squatting, reclaiming space in the city, and work daily on my artistic practice on a self-run anarchist server
that is shared with the artist collective united fried front and ran by Francis Belte.

The mediums i use range from actions, gatherings and performances where i bring artists, activists and other skillfull nerds together to zines and art prints.
This year i spent most of my time curating a docufiction movie under the name of my art collective, collaborating with or simply involving over 30 people
who each had their own reasons to care about the movie's message.
The word curating is used here because this seems more accurate than producing and directing,
since it was a collective project produced in a non-traditional way, i am on a constant search for a proper vocabulary to describe my way of working :)

ヾ(˶ᵔ ᗜ ᵔ˶)