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This artwork took place during the presentation moment at the end of the term at my art school.
During my presentation moment, I handed out some statements that came from futurist manifestos.
I wanted to make the manifesto statements, that looked quite intimidating, seem more approachable.
I did this by putting the age I related to the statement underneath the statement.
I wanted the students to write down if they related to it as well, what the quote means to them, what they think it's about etc. so I gave them a paper where they could fill that in.
I took kind of a teacher position towards the group, handed out papers with the questions and the quotes on them and they started writing.
Since the atmosphere was very tense during the presentations and everyone had to pay attention to long monologues for a long time, the break from listening and feeling tension was nice.
This moment of change in atmosphere was in my opinion important for the artwork.
Below you can see the scanned in papers that the people I presented to handed back to me.

second year of art school