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Daniel Johnston tribute act

In september 2019 Daniel Johnston passed away.
The day he passed I bought a small kids karaoke book with a keyboard and a small microphone on the flee market, this keyboard produces a lofi sound simular to daniel johnstons album "hi, how are you".
Then I got invited to perform at a festival so I decided I was going to cover daniel johnstons album as a performance artwork.
Daniel Johnstons album was an explosion of creativity, but the artist himself was severely unstable but his fanbase remained super passionate about him and his music, even when his performance was shitty (which it basically was since 1985 or something).
His peak was in '83 and his fall was about two years later...) the crowd would go wild.
He was a cult figure.
His mental weakness was romanticized, as is the case with many artists.

In my performance I would like to play with the idea that crazy artists are good artists.
I dressed up with crazy glasses and put stickers on my face and have a crazy hat and crazy clothing.
I put the art performance in a context where it did not get recieved well.
My main goal with my art is to experiment, I have to execute the artwork or put it somewhere to see what it does.
When I started preparing it, it felt like I was giving a tribute to his work, since I am learning to play and sing his songs. So I called the act "Daniel Johnston tribute act".
In the end, the Daniel Johnston tribute performance looks like the beginning of a series of noise music works.

I put this artwork in the online exhibition because the interesting part about this artwork to me is how the location of the work changes the artwork itself.
The artwork is the part in the exhibition. The documentation of the first execution of the work is visible below (the youtube link).
Now, nearly 8 months after the first execution, the "ingredients" of the artwork are not available anymore.
The keyboard is lost and my hair grew back.

on youtube

A still of a video I made of me performing this act

The photo I used to promote the act with on social media 2 0 1 9